Bogota  congregates:

  • 92% of  Colombia's creative services offer.

  • 90% of the cinematography and audiovisual industry.
  • 73% of the digital content companies of the sub-sector.
  • 55% of the video games companies of the country.

Bogota, for all settings

Bogota is the city with thehighest number of professionals and technicians available for any kind of audiovisual work, since it has over 30 higher-education programs that year-by-year contribute to the formation of this talent.


The city has the equipment, infrastructure and broadest network of public institutions and private companies on hand for creating moving images. Bogota is host to major promotional events, training, exhibition and marketing of audiovisual content held in Colombia, such as the Bogota Audiovisual Market - BAM (


In business terms, Bogota offers about 92% of Colombia’s creative services, 90% of its audiovisual producers, 73% of the digital content companies and 55% of all video game companies.


Conscious of these dynamics and the city’s potential, the Mayor of Bogota, the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and Invest in Bogota have developed specialized programs and projects for the industry.

The Colombian Film Commission a division of Proimágenes Colombia, supported by the Colombian government, promotes Colombia as a destination for audiovisual production and encourages the development and improvement of the country’s audiovisual services and talent.

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce has a portfolio of business services aimed at strengthening entrepreneurial skills in areas such as innovation, exploration of new business models, digital marketing, project management, strategic planning, sponsorship management, finance and internationalization for business owners and entrepreneurs in the creative and cultural industries of Bogota.

  • Strengthen Bogota’s audiovisual industry.

  • Promote the city as a setting for national and international film shoots.

  • Advise and encourage filming in the city, through the Unified Audiovisual Filming Permit (Permiso Unificado para Filmaciones Audiovisuales - PUFA)

The Cluster development initiative for the Creative and Content Industry - which has the leadership and institutional support of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá - is a neutral setting were buisness leadres, government, supporting and academic entities, work collaboratively to increase the productivity and competitivness fo the sector.

This initiative seeks to turn Bogota as the main spanish content creation hub in Latin America for 2025, with a competitive buisness climate that facilitates the economic advantage of intellectual property of publicity, film, audiovisual, media, digital animation and videogames.

Invest in Bogota is the investment promotion agency for Bogota, a public-private partnership between the Bogota Chamber of Commerce and the Bogota City Government. Our mission is to support investors that are exploring opportunities in Bogota. In 2009 we were ranked as the top non- OECD investment promotion agency in the world by the World Bank.

We have a multidisciplinary team with sector-specific expertise, which allows us to provide prospective investors with value added advice and information.  

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